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Nasir Mogul – President & CEO

Nasir Mogul is a dynamic results-oriented Financial Services Professional with unprecedented track record. Experience in Listings at various Stock Exchanges as a one stop service provider. Experienced in Capital Raise, Bond Issues and R&D Funding.

Nasir Mogul has past experience running his Garment Factory, Ship Repair Company, Chain of Restaurants, Oil Field Supplies, Specialized Oilfield Engineering in the Middle East region. Expertise in locating, recruiting, training and developing candidates into successful high producing financial services representatives in the emerging markets.

Nasir Mogul has 18 years of extensive knowledge within the financial services careers distribution unit. Skills and knowledge include, but are not limited to, traditional and variable life products, Long Term Care insurance, disability insurance, health and dental insurance, auto, home and commercial insurance, mutual funds, equities and annuities. In-depth experience in dealing with financial planning, estate planning, educational planning, split dollar, executive bonus, successor planning and retirement planning. Nasir Mogul has strong problem-solving skills, excellent communication skills with substantial platform speaking experience used for motivation and education, dynamic and a passionate team leader.

Nasir Mogul has more than 10 years experience in taking companies public over various stock exchanges. Experience includes locating undervalued companies and drip capital injection with mentorship. This has resulted in ten to fifteen times growth in many companies.

Nasir Mogul’s management style is proactive, team-oriented, open communication and performance driven. Nasir Mogul is fluent in English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and some Arabic, Bengali and Persian.